Rabu, 06 April 2011

How Do You Know When You Have A Crush on Someone?

Hihi hello, well first of all this is my third post today :p
You know, I'm in crush with someone hehe. Well, called that person "D4N6":"") hihi *blushing*

So I tell you about, "How Do You Know When You Have a Crush on Someone?"

If you care and really want to know about her/his life, I can say that you're in crush with her/him. It because you really want to be with her/him everyday, right?hahaha. And you try to find out some stuff about that person to see if you're compatable hahahaha. Of course you will start thinking about them every minute of the day, you care about them in a way that you wouldn't usually and you always care about what they think about you. Then you will feeling something awkward when you're around and talking with her/him :D
You will feel the effect of falling in love eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeryday! hahahahahahaha

Buseng itu gua curhat soal diri gua sendiri :p But that's really true, indeed :p

Pokoknya gua mau kasih tau sama lu lu pada, kalo gua sayang banget sama si Kodooooooookgalakbaweljelek hehehehehehehehe. Love you ay, really :) Don't ever let me go ya... I'll be there for you :) Love you! SMOOCH! :*

D4N6 :*

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